John Lowrie Morrison, 1948 -

John Lowrie Morrison was born in Glasgow and trained at the Glasgow School of Art. He worked in education for 25 years, taking up full time painting in 1997. 

In the last decade he has become one of Scotland’s most successful living artists. In the 2011 New Year’s Honours List he received an OBE for services to art and to charity in Scotland. He lives and works in Argyll.

"My enduring fascination with the Scottish croft goes back a long way. My family came from a ‘blackhouse croft’ on the Isle of Harris... The croft still stands although modernised... so my roots are in a croft. This has led me to paint crofts all my life... my first croft drawings and paintings being in the 1950’s... I am obsessed with the croft gable end... even when a croft is disused as with crofts cleared during the Highland Clearances... The croft may fall down in ruin... but the gable end remains like an epitaph!"

John Lowrie Morrison